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Campervan conversions with build quality and value at the forefront are what makes Continental Campers unique.

What Continental Campers Needed From Us

After converting their personal vans over the winter, the owners of Continental Campers felt that there was a large sector of the market that wasn’t getting exactly what they wanted from a camper van conversion.

They decided it was time you to give to the camper conversion market exactly what was needed, which meant quality came first but keeping the affordability in place to maximise the potential from their work.

They came to CNS Media with a basic logo of which was created into what you see today on their website, sporting a chrome effect giving it that luxury feel.

To ensure they made an impact on the market, they commissioned CNS Media to create them a modern, sleek website to give customers a preview of the quality camper conversions that they undertake.

Getting their message across even further, and to ensure that their business reaches the maximum amount of people interested in camper conversions, we are also running Google AdWords for Continental Campers – they will now feature on web searches for users who are actively looking for a camper conversion.

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