Animated Video Production

Increase Conversion Rates with Video Content

More and more clients are turning to us in search of engaging video content, and the results they’re experiencing are outstanding!

At CNS Media, we have a team dedicated to producing high quality, engaging video content for websites and other marketing channels.

Our experts take care of every aspect of video production, leaving you to concentrate on the leads and other outcomes that video marketing generates.

And the best part is that our animated videos are cost effective – our clients experience a significant return on investment, and we’re sure you will too!

The Demand for Video Marketing is Growing

  • 79% of people preferred to watch a video than read content in 2016
  • 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers
  • Mobile Video consumption grows by 100% every year, according to YouTube
  • Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019

And So Are the Results They Bring to Businesses!

  • Good quality, well produced video content can increase customer conversion rates by up to 77%
  • 74% of people who watch animated explainer videos go on to make a purchase or enquiry
  • More than half of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best return on investment

Recent Animated Videos

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Our Approach

Our five-step process will provide you with the perfect animated video.
Your video will make an instant impact on viewers, grab their attention and make them want to watch more.

During the research phase, we devise a strategy and ensure that your video will have a clear purpose. We work with you to identify the audience you’d like to target, ensure that your unique selling points will be featured prominently, and propose the most appropriate call to action to use.

The Script:
Once the strategy has been finalised, our experienced creative writers design the perfect script for your video, ensuring that the content is informative and the optimum length, to keep your audience engaged.

The Storyboard:
Storyboarding is the vital part of development where our specialist designers explore the visual elements that could be incorporated into your video and suggest animations to highlight key points in the script. The graphics we use will provide maximum impact, and help to make your message and brand more memorable.

The Voiceover:
Our vast experience in radio and TV means that you’ll have access to some of the best voiceover artists in the business. We’ll send you voice samples to approve, ensuring that you’re happy with the voice we recommend to engage your audience.

The Magic:
Finally, our video production team get to work, creating customised animation and matching it to the audio elements of the video. This is the most technical and time-consuming part of the process, but the end product is always worth the wait!

Extend the Reach of Your Video with Advertising

Advertising on YouTube can be an extremely cost-effective way of placing your video content in front of potential customers and stakeholders, and extending your reach past its organic capacity.

YouTube’s targeting system helps you to drill down to specific audiences based on age, gender, interests, video topics, and keywords searches. You can even set your video to show to subscribers of specific YouTube channels. These placement settings help businesses to reduce ‘wastage’ and reach your specific target audience.

Did you know? YouTube will only charge you for a view once an individual has watched more than 50% of your video. What’s more, the average cost per view on YouTube is just 3p, so your budget goes a long way!

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