Social Media Advertising

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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is now a huge part of online marketing with a wide audience available by indirectly targeting them.

What does that mean?
This means that unlike advertising through the likes of Google AdWords where you are reliant on a user actually searching for a term relating to your business, Social Media advertising is done in such a way that you just put the advert on their newsfeed.

By just placing the advert on the newsfeed, you are telling them something they may not have known much about previously… basically just drip feeding your products and services.

A great example that we have of the power from social media advertising is from one of our Ongoing Management clients. This particular client started with one of our Social Media packages back in November 2015. By the time December had come around, they had managed to secure the sale of 6 products of which pricing started at £500 each… spending only £35 on a weekly campaign on Social Media, they made a return of investment of a staggering 9900%!

With the ability to have videos as your advert, Social Media users can see your product or service in action, this is a great solution for all businesses.

Why not have a chat with us today and let us explain things in better detail for you about our Social Media management packages.

Social Media Advertising

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