• Blogging: Why Should It Be Done?

    Blogging: Why Should It Be Done?

    You may come across blog articles online, on a daily basis without even realising what they are, some may be useful and some may not be, but have you ever thought why people are constantly producing blogs or latest news articles for their website?

    That is because blogging is a crucial component in online marketing…

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  • Google AdWords: What is it and why should you use it?

    Google AdWords: What is it and why should you use it?

    Are you advertising and promoting your services through Google Adwords?
    If not then this blog may be useful for you to understand the power and startling statistics of advertising through Google.

    So what is Google Adwords?
    To explain it simply, it is a paid advertisement through the Google search engine.
    Have you ever typed in a particular search in Google and you’ve noticed ads at the top of the page or the right hand column of the page?
    If you haven’t these are Google Adwords and are recognisable with a little yellow icon that says “Ad” in it and also carry a faint coloured background.

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  • Website Now Live - Approved Business Communications

    Website Now Live - Approved Business Communications

    We have been working alongside one of our clients Approved Business Communications recently who wanted to push their online interactions with customers further.

    Offering free online quotes, and a good, solid amount of information on the services they offer within the telecommunications market, they are now in a prime position to challenge other companies on the internet with the services that they offer.

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  • Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

    Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

    In April last year, Google decided that they were going to cut out all websites that did not conform to their mobile-friendly checks from their search results whilst using a mobile device.

    This meant that if your website was not mobile-friendly then potential customers who would use Google search engines would be unable to find your website easily, this was based on you being indirectly penalised for your website coming up as non-friendly within mobile devices, ultimately resulting in lower click through rates and a potential loss of income.

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  • Ongoing SEO Management

    Ongoing SEO Management

    Cover all of your marketing platforms with one monthly cost, ensuring that your business is projected into all of the correct audiences.

    We understand that your day-to-day life may be too hectic to be able to control your marketing effectively.

    CNS Media cover all marketing aspects in a scheduled timeline, giving you the confidence that your business will be getting shown to the correct audiences, enabling you to concentrate on other areas of your business or maybe you would just enjoy sitting back and relaxing, the choice is yours!

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  • Opening Hours This Festive Season

    Opening Hours This Festive Season

    It’s that time of the year again where CNS Media have an extended break over the Christmas period.

    Please take a look at the below opening times over the Festive period but please be assured that if there any problems that you deem an emergency, you can contact us where we will do our best to resolve any problems out of office; if that is the case, please email Rob (

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  • CNS Media Does Movember 2015

    CNS Media Does Movember 2015

    You may have noticed from our Facebook page that CNS Media have decided to take part in Movember this year but instead of doing the same old ‘shave on the 1st November and keep growing until the end of the month’ we decided to get you guys involved!

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