CNS Media provide outdoor advertising solutions to businesses in Sleaford and have many nationwide clients

We can deliver a campaign suited to the needs of any business in Sleaford, large or small, whatever the requirements. Below is a selection of outdoor advertising opportunities that would be beneficial to many clients. Of course, if these solutions aren’t what you’re looking for, our experts can work with you to develop a bespoke application that’s tailored to the specific requirements of your business.

Outdoor advertising will reach...

  • 72% Commuters
  • 83% Unemployed
  • 75% Young People
  • 74% C2DEs age 65+
  • 78% Families
  • 80% Socialisers

Billboard Advertising

Billboards are ideal for delivering great impact to your message and can be bought individually or in flexible packs in demographic areas, key addresses can be selected. Sites are primarily on key roads and major arterials and are 50% illuminated

The average 48 sheet can deliver 144,000 contacts every 2 weeks. A medium-weight national campaign of 2,250 panels would reach 64% of all adults who would see your advert 10.1 times each, that’s 307,834,000 contacts!

Billboard Availability Checker

Outdoor advertising is very popular at present and the biggest problem faced by clients is the availability of space. CNS Media have access to the most popular spaces on a national basis and will be delighted to check availability in the areas you require

If you would like to check the availability of specific billboards, please enter the reference number in the Location/Postcode boxes.

If you would like to check multiple locations, please call us on 01529 968323

Bus Advertising

Supersides demand attention and communicate your message to urban audiences nationwide. They are ideal for retail clients and are the perfect way to raise brand awareness, launch products or run a sales promotion, and also flexible – available in conurbations, TV areas, nationwide. A medium-weight national campaign of 4,100 sites would reach 60% of all adults who would see your advert 10.3 times per 2 weeks.

Streetliners deliver high frequency messaging to big brands looking for a community presence and can target individual towns, messages are delivered to both motorists and pedestrians – buy where you want a presence, whether by town, city conurbation or region. A medium-weight national Campaign of 3,000 panels would deliver your message to 85% of all adults who would see your ad 15.7 times each per 4 weeks. That’s 324,109,000 opportunities to see!

Lower Rears deliver high visibility advertising to car drivers and pedestrians, they provide good dwell time and can contain a call to action message as the avergage exposure time is 48 seconds. It is possible to target smaller areas, towns and/or the city, bus rears rapidly build coverage and frequency of your message. A medium-weight national campaign of 3,650 panels would reach 84% all adults who would see your ad 14 times each per 4 weeks. That’s 275,011,000 opportunities to see!

Interior Ads deliver detailed messages to a captive audience and have a great dwell time. The average bus journey lasts 20 minutes and 11.7 million people of all age groups see inside bus advertising every week. (Source TGI). An extended exposure time encourages a direct response and time to take down details of the ad. A medium-weight campaign in Greater London of 5,000 panels would reach 44.2% of all adults who would see your ad 7.2 times each per 4 weeks. That’s 19,572,384 opportunities to see!


Adwalkers will hand out leaflets while walking around the towns and cities you want to target with your message on their back.

The frame is illuminated and highly visible and they are great for new store openings. Available UK wide

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