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CNS Media provide bespoke web design to businesses and have many nationwide clients, read on to see how we do things differently...

"70% increase in sales year-on-year"

Want to increase your online sales and ROI?

  • 13% click through rate – our click through rate for a Derbyshire based client for their Google ads is 13%. Way above the average 6%
  • 70% increase in sales – in a competitive B2B market for selling products online, we increased a client’s sales year on year by 70%
  • 75% savings – our online marketing has pin point precision which means many clients save up to 75% on their previous costs
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Our Approach

Our approach to web design is different to that of our competitors, we are a full service marketing agency primarily focused on creating sales enquiries and opportunities for your business – the marketing strategy comes first and then the website is created or edited to complement this by capturing as many good quality enquiries as possible.

This is key to all of our marketing solutions, but particularly the website which is arguably the most important marketing tool you have, it is also unfortunately one of the easiest to get wrong – a beautiful looking website isn’t neccessarily going to make the phone ring!

However, a beautiful website with well presented content and clear, strategically placed calls to action probably will. Our bespoke websites are designed with this ingrained and because we don’t use Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc (unless you really insist) which are based on pre-made, bloated templates, we can ensure that your website is as simple and flexible as possible.

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Responsive Designs to Suit All Devices

The use of mobile phones and tablets to visit websites is rapidly becoming the norm, many of our customer’s Google Analytics statistics are reporting around 50% of all traffic being via a mobile device. Mobile devices are often constrained by display size and ideally require a different screen layout to avoid a lot of ‘pinching and zooming’.

Our modern approach of using CSS ensures that your website will respond to fit whatever browser it is viewed on, whether it be today on an iPhone or in the future on a device that hasn’t been launched yet. As all of our designs are bespoke, from the very start of the project we consider how your site will look and work on a mobile, particularly the all-important calls to action.

As regular mobile web users ourselves, we have grown to hate it when a mobile website contains a stripped-down version of the information – just because the screen is smaller doesn’t mean I want less information! Wherever possible, we display all of the content by using simple and easy-to-follow navigation and always provide a link to the desktop version to allow each individual user to view the site as they choose to.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As a business owner, you understand the importance of getting your website listed ‘organically’ on the first page of Google when your relevant keywords are searched. After all, most web surfers do not look beyond this first page when looking for information, products, or services. So, if you aren’t on that first page, you aren’t likely to bring in much new business.

The term ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is, to be honest, an over-used and out-dated term which suggests there is some magic way of getting to the top of Google – there used to be, but in reality nowadays there isn’t. We would be delighted to share our thoughts on this further and have a page dedicated to this subject, please click on the link below

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Content Management System (CMS)

Our simple content management system makes it very easy for anyone to update their own website at their convenience, this is key to ensuring that the content remains up-to-date and relevant. It works in your favourite browser (even on your phone, of course) and doesn’t require any specialist software or a web designer!

It is a modular system meaning that applications such as (but not limited to) blogs, customer reviews, events calendars, e-commerce functionality and members areas can be quickly and easily added to enrich the user’s experience – and in turn increase your Google rankings and enquiry rates!

On the subject of enquiries, our web forms constructively ensure that customers provide all the relevant information you need to be able to respond to them quickly and efficiently – this is a must to ensure good conversion rates. A copy of all enquiries is also available to view or download in the website admin – to help with auditing, producing email marketing lists and so on.

Our geographic tracking numbers can also quickly identify where your telephone enquiries originated too, we can change the phone number the customer sees when they are responding to a particular marketing campaign in a particular town – importantly without costing you or the customer a fortune in call charges.

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