• Festive Opening Hours

    It’s that time of the year again, where we all stuff our faces with too much food and regret it the next day!
    With that being said, we’re also still working right up until 22nd December.

    Take a look below at our full list of opening hours of the festive period…

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  • Netflix: What CNS Are Watching...

    Netflix: What CNS Are Watching...

    It may come as a shock but everybody at CNS Media has a Netflix account!

    There’s so many great shows and movies on Netflix but it’s often hard to pick what you want to watch, recommendations are key to getting the full potential out of your account.

    Keeping that in mind, find out what the team are currently watching, just finished or just plainly think that there’s a brilliant series for your next bingeing session!

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  • Bus Advertising

    Bus Advertising

    You will more than likely, in fact, definitely have seen adverts on a bus! Whether it be a large advert covering the entire rear of a double decker or a simple small advert placed within the bus above the seating.
    By you seeing one of these adverts, it just goes to show how effective they are.

    Brand awareness is a great source of creating new sales through advertising and even if you don’t get an immediate sale from an advert on a bus, your name will be in the forefront of their minds when they are ready to buy.

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  • Meet The Team: Harry and Lloyd

    Meet The Team: Harry and Lloyd

    We finish are meet the team week off with Curt and Tom dubbed the Harry and Lloyd of the office (you know who they are, right? Dumb and Dumber)
    Anyway, find out more about these two characters…

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  • Meet The Team: The Non-Brewers

    Meet The Team: The Non-Brewers

    Next, Team ‘Non-Brewers’ (although Liam argued this name to death, trying to get the name of ‘Poirot and Seoul Man’)
    You can probably guess why they have this team-name but it has been known for Dan to make a brew at least once a decade!

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  • Meet The Team: The Noisy Ones

    Meet The Team: The Noisy Ones

    Next up are our two resident loud-mouths, they can’t keep quiet for more than 5 seconds and when they do speak, they’re pretty loud.
    It’s okay though, we’re used to Shaun’s dulcet Yorkshire tones and Rob’s endless innuendos so they can get away with it.

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  • Meet The Team: The Bosses!

    Meet The Team: The Bosses!

    We’re going to kick off our “Meet The Team Week” with the big dogs themselves, owners of the company: Andy & Nicola…

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  • Meet The Team: CNS Media Ltd

    Meet The Team: CNS Media Ltd

    We’re going to focus this week on the team members of CNS Media.

    We have split the team up into groups of two which we will spread out across the week.
    The teams include:

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  • Benefits of Apps

    Benefits of Apps

    When somebody mentions getting an App developed for your business you immediately think of apps that you download from the AppStore such as games, but what we do here at CNS Media is an application tailored to help your business needs.

    Sales Apps are a powerful way to communicate with potential customers by giving them all the information they need within an application… not only does it look impressive when you sit down with a client showing them the information they need all within an iPad, it also means less clutter for you to carry around to various meetings.

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  • Social Media Advertising

    Social Media Advertising

    Social Media Advertising is now a huge part of online marketing with a wide audience available by indirectly targeting them.

    What does that mean?
    This means that unlike advertising through the likes of Google AdWords where you are reliant on a user actually searching for a term relating to your business, Social Media advertising is done in such a way that you just put the advert on their newsfeed.

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